How to write a new tv series pitch

But with an approach that gives it a highly unique perspective And for your future staff of writers. Sometimes those other docs can be a look book, novel, intellectual property the show will be based on, or even a sizzle reel you cut together or shot yourself that reveals the tone and story you want on the screen.

Today we'll go over TV bibles, look at a few examples of them, and even provide you with a free tv bible template you can use for your writing. Jump into the conversation and I'd love to chat! Lastly, know your audience and their core desires. What is a tv series pitch bible?

All in all, aside from your pilot, it's the most important document in your repertoire. Click the link to learn more!

how to pitch a tv show idea to a network

Here's a basic outline of content you'll want in a scripted TV series pitch treatment: Title: Create a compelling title that hits on the core theme of the story, or the personal plight of your main protagonist. Right from the start hit them with a core question that will be the flashpoint for the pitch.

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How to Pitch a TV Show [Pitch Template and Examples]