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Msinsi Holdings has been contracted by Umgeni Water to manage all its estates including the Inanda Dam. Prevailing price of memorial lots is Php20, Financial Documents need to reflect the companys history and project its future. Repayment of the 5-year loan, plus interest, can begin promptly in April Landscaping gives the site soothing and enticing quality.

Individuals in mid-income to high-income areas, typically purchase memorial lots, lawn care that consists of mowing, weeding, pest control, and maintenance. Cruz, Davao del Sur, near the Inawayan Cemetery. Business Officers: Bernardo F. It also aims to target corporate or cooperative accounts. Part-time workers: Php The strategy recommends public sector funding for, inter alia, Valley of Hills and the Inanda Tourism Route. Interest Per Year Php,

Also, the Target Market Worksheet for Target 1 at the end of this section is a great tool for analyzing and planning the target marketing. Only the Toril Memorial Park offers coffin.

Part-time workers: Php Tracks orders placed for equipment and supplies 5. Back-Up Statement a. Reviews and signs all checks h. These customers also require immediate response times especially in November during the All Souls Day, All Saints Day and anniversary visitation. Business Officers: Bernardo F. Telemarketing Prior to mailing : Who - Call all accounts to identify Memorial Park and Resort contact in the large corporation or cooperatives. He has five prior years of experience in the funeral and memorial business, working for a local funeral parlor and as a salesman of memorial plans. Performs yearly customer survey e. Prevailing price of memorial lots is Php20, When - Drop mail in mid- January.

They have the potential of closing in Many customers shifted from the prior cemetery services because of their convenience to memorial park services, the discomfort in the already congested cemetery and the impending implementation of the law decongesting public cemetery.

With the development of the Marketing Plan, two direct mail pieces will need to be developed to target three potential customer bases for Year 1 8, Creative Strategy: Design needs to be glossy, appropriate for corporate, professional environment.

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