Online book rental business plan

However, management believes that this may be an advantage to the used bookstore industry. Your weaknesses could range from poor website and ineffective marketing to low penetration of internet users or this service in your area.

Many students end up either going for Xerox copies or compromising it with a book of lesser value in reference to the content. Either create a dedicated How It Works page and explain how your different services in different sections, or explain how the service works on its dedicated landing page.

online bookstore business plan

Given below is a cheat-sheet of the same. This means the delivery and pickup address could be different as well. Initially, students rented books from the retailer, got them issued from libraries and some even borrowed them from their seniors or colleagues.


There are a number of ways that entrepreneurs or small-sized businesses can get the necessary funding for starting their business and manage their finances perfectly. Digital marketing is the most result-oriented way to reach out to a large populace without investing much efforts and resources.

book rental startup
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Business Plan for Online Book rental business